5 Essential tools to help aid in your own Coworking experiment

I am moving right along with my Operation Cowork experiment, in which I am searching for an alternative workspace (working at home can suck). In the beginning of this experiment I wanted to focus on spaces that were free and local. We had a mild winter here in New York City (cold but not much snow fall) so I was able to accomplish my goal. Not only was I able to support my local libraries but rediscover my neighborhood while I got in some much-needed exercise. I never knew I could walk so far before, especially carrying a laptop. If I had started this journey years ago, I would have definitely without a second thought hop on the bus to travel to certain locations and it turns out they are only about 12-30 minutes away by walking. Yes, I admit I was pretty lazy before but if its not too hot/cold or pouring rain, I think I will choose to walk as far as I can stand it.

Now that Spring is here, although it has felt like Winter for the past couple of days, I will be switching up locations. There are a few places I want to check out, including the Business Library in Downtown Brooklyn, the Midtown Manhattan Library, The 42nd Street Library, Bryant Park, and Wix Lounge just to name a few. I know that these aren’t the only places out there where I can work from, so I set out to find more. In my search I came across a few cool tools to help me out.

5 Things I learned (so far) doing Operation CoWork

5 Essential Tools You Can Use to Find an Open Desk/Workspace Near You


I heard about Loosecubes (No longer in business) before but it wasn’t until my visit to Bitmap that I really took notice. You can search for an open desk or office space. Each location page has details about where they are located, the cost, hours or operation, a link to a website, and more. You can even create a profile on the site so you can rate and review the locations.

*Update* Thanks BrothaTech for letting me know about Loosecubes mobile site. (No longer in business)


Similar to LooseCubes, Desksnear.me is another site where you can search for an open desk near where you live. You just type in a location and you will get a map and a list of places. What I like about the site is that when you roll over the day, it tells you the actual number of spots available. Wouldn’t you hate traveling and they end up booked? Of course you should also contact them to see if that number is up to date.

There’s an app for that.

Let say you out & about and the need for a coworking space arise but you not sure where to go. Well there are apps that can help – Coworking for iPhone, Work+, and Coworking for android. There are available for free.

Since I don’t have an iPhone, any of my iPhone readers would like to try out either Work+ or the Coworking for iPhone and let me know what they think? I would be very grateful. I will also do my part and check out the android app on my end. Also if you know of a site or app geared towards Coworking, let me know so I can add it to the list.


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    Thanks again for the heads up on Loosecubes…To return the favor: They now have a mobile-friendly website that lets you search & book spaces on any device with web connectivity. Check it: http://techb.ro/J5Vu7a