Coworking: For when Working From Home becomes to be Too Much

Operation CoWork is a series in which I document my journey searching for an alternative place to work from outside of my home. Being self-employed and working from home seems like the best thing since slice bread and its all fun in the beginning. However, there come a time you may become stagnant and in need of a change. I have reach that point. Follow me on my hunt for a solution.

As a freelancer, depending on the kind of work you do, you can pretty much work from anywhere. Some would say that’s the beauty of living the freelance life. However, when you’re first starting out the best place to set up shop is at home. You don’t have to worry about traveling, traffic, paying for an office, etc. Working from home may seem glamorous to others but after time, it can become to be too much. Wouldn’t you like to be able to turn to your right or left to get feedback on something or just to hold a simple conversation? To be honest that one of the things I miss about working a 9-5, working with other people.

I know I can get my interaction fulfillment through social networks, but when you are busy working, tweeting & posting status updates can become a bit distracting. Of course I can cure my “working from home blues” by attending meetups, events, or just hang out with friends. Those are just temporary fixes and won’t give what I am truly missing.

Coworking: For when Working From Home becomes to be Too Much

That’s when knew it was time to looking into Coworking. Coworking is when a group of independent workers work together in the same environment, typically in an office like setting. You would think, great solution and my problems are solved. Not quite. I looked into this before and at that time I couldn’t justify the cost for the amount of work that I had coming in. See, being apart of a Coworking space isn’t free. There are costs to maintain these office-like environments. They provide you with a desk, Internet connection, access to printers, a kitchen, and conference room space.

Many locations I have researched online have a similar membership setup from a drop-in (one day) rate to monthly rates depending on how many days you would need to come in. There also something called a Visa that would allow you to use your Coworking membership at other spaces along as they are apart of the program.

When spring sprung this year, I’d decided it was time for to get out and take my work on the road. Well life happened and now the season has changed. Fortunately for me, we have been having some unseasonable type weather for fall in the New York area. We have had summer like temperatures and a snowstorm so I said to myself that I could still conducted my experiment – Operation CoWork, where I’m searching for a workspace outside the home.

My hopes is to not only to find a place that is just as comfortable as working from home but find a community that I can be a part of.

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