Loosecubes is shutting it’s doors

It was sad to receive the news the other day that Loosecubes will be shutting it doors tomorrow (Friday, November 16, 2012). Although I was only a member for a short while, I grown to love the platform. Their leaving will leave an empty space in the Coworking community as well as in my heart.


Yes, I know that there are apps out there that can help you find an available Coworking spaces. What those apps don’t give me is the community and great customer support. I still have the emails that I received from Anthony when sign up and made my first booking. He was so helpful. Plus I used it to research and book spaces during my Operation Cowork Experiment.

I think I have a clue to why this is happening. First let me say this, I am not an employee of Loosecubes so I don’t have any inside information. Nor am I a startup expert. These are just my opinions. After the Summer Coworking Challenge, things over at Loosescubes switch. It became a membership site in which you had to be invited to join (if not already a member) and also their pricing model change. You could book for free, no matter the location. I think that new free model didn’t sit well with a few people.

I even saw on twitter that a Coworking space that I knew of had deactivated their acct with the site because of this and said they would only return it Loosecubes would switch back to the paid model. Basically this means, locations may loose revenue if they weren’t able to convert those visitors to become members. So there has to be a lesson in here somewhere.

If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.

Loosecubes was prefect just the way they were. It’s had a large database of Coworking Spaces and Business Centers who were willing to share they spaces with the community. I truly believe that no one mind paying whatever fee these places had in place. In fact, check out Liquidspace, which is similar to Loosecubes.

I hate to see Loosecubes go and like many other folks will always worry the real reason behind them closing and what they could have become if they stay open.

Farewell Loosecubes. You will be missed.

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