Operation CoWork: Working at the Business and Career BK Library Branch

Operation CoWork is a series in which I document my journey searching for an alternative place to work from outside of my home. Being self-employed and working from home seems like the best thing since slice bread and its all fun in the beginning. However, there come a time you may become stagnant and in need of a change. I have reach that point. Follow me on my hunt for a solution.

As I sat at the one of the empty tables set aside for laptop users, I thought to myself, “Where has this library been all my Coworking life?” LOL. I’m referring to the Business and Career Library in Brooklyn. Before I’ve only visit the location to attend workshops, so I was pretty exited to see if it could be a place to actually get some work done. If I lived in the surrounding area, I would definitely make this my go to place if the neighboring Coworking spaces didn’t work out for me. I’ve download one of the Coworking apps I talked about before and saw what spaces were in the area, and I found some that I might add to my list.

Operation CoWork: Working at the Business and Career BK Library Branch

Now back to the Biz Library, its located in Downtown Brooklyn, an area that is rapidly changing. Not only is it near tons of public transportation (major train lines such the A/C; 4/5, and a number of bus routes) it’s across the street from a little park and tons of places to eat. The Fulton Street Mall is getting a facelift with new stores, and a little further way the new home of the Brooklyn Nets Basketball team is getting close to being finish.

There are a few things I enjoyed during my two days working there. The best were the hours, the spaces to work, and the amount of resources you are surround by. Hey, it’s not called the Business and Career Library for nothing. I found it to be pretty quiet although it gets a little crowded around lunchtime. It’s very friendly to laptop users. You don’t need to scramble for an outlet. I know access to outlets is a major requirement when working remotely.

During both visits I notice twice where someone took up an entire table, making it their own office. I also experience this elsewhere and would think to myself, “Is this person really serious?” It seems to be that some people really don’t care that they aren’t the only ones sitting a table with others. Other that I give it two thumbs up. I didn’t have a problem with the wifi connection, no downtime and steady.

If you are a Brooklynite and don’t mind work working at the library and/or traveling, I would say this location and the Grand Army Branch would definitely be the best because of the hours. The Grand Army location hours are Monday – Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 10-6pm and Sunday 1-5pm. The Business and Career location hours are Monday & Friday 10-6pm, Tuesday-Thursday 10-8pm and Saturday 10-5pm. However, don’t expect to reserve a laptop, that service is not available at these locations. They do have desktops that you can use if you don’t have your own.

Cost of Coworking at Business and Career Library Branch: $9

Cost of running Operation CoWork (as of 4/30/12): $31.50

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