Hello & Welcome to ArtiatesiaDeal.com

Artiatesia Deal Profile PictureHi, I’m Artiatesia the woman behind the blog and the business.I started it 5 years ago, after getting laid off and having no luck with finding new employment. This was all right at the beginning of the recession. So I decided to put my degrees and skills to good use. I launch this blog to showcase my web design skills and with some long days & even longer nights I entered the world of freelancing.

Who wouldn’t have thought, I would go on to earning a living being Web Designer. Certainly, not my ten year old self, who wanted to be a Pediatrician when she grew up. And definitely not my 18-year-old self, who kept stead fast to that dream and entered college as biology major. (full bio here)

However, with great friends that I met on that college campus, I soon realize that I couldn’t deny the fact that I’m a nerd who loves computers and web design. Now I am entering a new phase in my life, transitioning from freelancer to full-fled business owner. So come along with me for the ride. There sure to be some tears, breakdowns, laughter, aha moments, and everything in between.

Here to Success & Happiness,